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Abum...I Am 03.22.19 (Spring/Summer 19)

"Abum" from the Igbo language means "I am".

The inspiration behind the name of the collection is quite straight forward. It's my first collection designed by me, and I have spent all my life preparing myself for this moment without even knowing it. In my tween and teenage years, I would sketch designs and make outfits all the time. When I turned 19, I created my first eCommerce store releasing two collections of handpicked goods which sold out. I clearly remember thinking in my head "this is like a play store for what my real store will be like." Now at age 24, I realize that this is what I have wanted to do all my life.

Many times I overlooked the idea of being a designer for many reasons. One, I AM NIGERIAN. I never came across any Nigerian Designers; plus as a kid, I had already committed to going to Medical School. My search for creating a new life came to me when I hit rock bottom emotionally and mentally. I was overwhelmed, depressed, and basically lost all sense of spirit and soul. In other words, I was a robot, physically present, functioning, but numb without feelings.

On November 22nd, 2016, I was praying to my grandma who died on that day in 2006. I was praying she was in a better place. I became very emotional and I heard a voice telling me to design something. I thought I was being delusional so I ignored it. Six months later, a random pastor told me the same thing. A year later, a lady who passed by me who happened to be spiritual blurted out similar words. At this point, it had been confirmed three or more times.

Being quite stubborn, I did not do it. I made every excuse in the book as to why it would not happen. "I work all the time, I am a student, I travel for work all the time. There just isn't enough time in the day." I mean you name it. Every single thing, even if it was spa day was reason enough I did not have time to design or create anything. Then the dreams began. I would have dreams back to back about producing fashion shows, receiving money for my fashion, waking up to 100+ orders a day. Then this one dream in particular was the dream that made me feel I was not alone. In this dream, an Igbo elder said a prayer at the beginning of my fashion show in the Igbo language. Mind you, I do not speak igbo fluently, but I do understand most dialects, and I am able to speak "Engili-Igbo" (a mixture of igbo with a significant amount of English words).

After many confirmations, I realized that nothing ever made me happier than designing or creating things. Noting this hobby of mine had a business potential, I came up with a business plan. I began employing all the help I needed to bring my vision into fruition. As the Designer, Creative Director, and CEO, I took on many hats to get things done. When I began my journey as a Fashion Designer, I somehow became happier, more confident, and I would actually be emotional connected and present in my day to day life. It was like something in my spirit came alive. How could I not devote myself to such Energy?

With the guidance of my ancestors and my Creator, within such a short time, this venture became way more successful than I had ever expected.

So here I am, 24, and continuously seeking wisdom at every turn.

Here I am, woman in God form.

Here I am, Her.

Here I am, aligned with the Source.

Divinity, elegance, and pure brilliance.

Here I am, Ala Herself.

Here I am, Abum Abum.

Abum...I Am Spring Summer 2019, this 20 piece collection will be here March 22nd, 2019.

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