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Love is Coming... "Ihunanya"

My newest upcoming collection is named "Ihunanya...Love." Although not yet released, I have totally fallen in love with the pieces, and so will you. What can you expect? I'd love to tell you, but in this case, I am not a fan of "spoilers". Ihunanya means "the one I love" in the Igbo language; however, it literally translates to "see with eye". And what year are we in? 2020! I was drawn in by a reason to love and a reason to spread love. My spiritual practice is rooted in love and therefore I couldn't think of a better time to create something with this as an inspiration. This collection will be everything I could have imagined and more. I took all the feedback from the previous collection and created something ultimately...lovable! This energy will not only be felt, but will inspire everyone who comes in contact with it.

"If we must not only survive, but thrive, we must be deeply rooted in love. It is infinite, you can't use it up. That alone is capable of healing all and transforming all who come in contact with it." - Obianuju

Model is wearing the "Nneoma" set. Available in "Abum...I Am" Collection.

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