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Welcome to Obianuju Fashion

...She's a story teller.

My creations come from me knowing a story, and trying to find the light that is inevitably there within my perception of the story.

I've hated myself for about ten years now, because I would not accept my passion. I have tried to be everything and everyone else, but who I am called to be. It back-fired.

"Obianuju, who do you want to be?"

"Mma, I want to be a story teller. I want to create clothing."

"JuBabe, what type of stories do you want to tell?"

"I want to know who I AM. The stories that I will tell will vary, from being a foreigner to telling about my childhood in Nigeria."

"Why do you want to tell stories? And how do you plan on doing such through clothing and fashion?"

"I want to tell stories because I have both a purpose and a void to fill; both must be relinquished by my last breath. I will not go back to my Creator having done nothing with the gift He gave me."

"JuBabe, whatever you wish you to do, I am here with you. Always."

My grandmother, Mma Nneoma, is in a much better place, but she's very much alive in my projects. This creativity isn't mine. It's hers. She was the creative genius in the family. So whatever I do on this platform I do in honor of her.

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