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"Abum... I Am" Fall 2019 Collection has arrived!

The "Abum... I Am" Fall 2019/2020 Collection is here and in full force! I am so excited to share this collection with all of you. "Abum" is fully designed and produced by me. Having spent almost two years developing this special collection, I am blessed that in October 2019, it all came together perfectly. To be honest, I have spent 13 years developing this brand (I started sketching Fashion at age 11 and would make fake business cards as a kid), and here we are now! Welcome to "Abum... I Am" Fall 2019 Collection.

For all inquiries and custom designs, please send an email to

For a limited time only use coupon code "IAM" to receive 15% OFF your order.

Dress Below: 'NANA' Goddess Gown

Thank you to everyone who has waiting patiently and supported me for my first release. I am forever grateful.


Ankara Dress


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